I've read a bunch of "who should be on the show blogs" and so I'm gonna do something about it. Since I am an artist and I need to work on my digital art skills I have decided to create a illustration of 5- 8 DC characters who have not yet to appear on the show. You can suggest who you would like me to add in, the current rooster for the project right now that I have in mind are Starfire, Cyborg, Stargirl, Raven, and Kyle Rayner, Im not confirming them just an idea.I will try and E-mail the producers to give them ideas for season 2 if still possible or season 3 because we know that will happen. The project will not be posted until somewhere between 12/26/11-1/15/12. Make sure you let me know who you want in the project since im not too familiar with the comics.

P.S. dont suggest Super girl, Beast boy, or any other character that has been confirmed to be included in the show.

P.P.S. if you guys could write some kind of fanfic for the new characters I would greatly appreciate it.

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