If you are reading this and have not seen salvage yet stop reading now. During Salvage a sonic attack killed the Appelaxian golem looked like suspiciously more powerful version of Blue Beetle's Sonic attack. Even though Beetle thinks the Scarab was designed by Ted Kord Maybe it was built by the Reach. In the comics the Reach are a group of villians who take over planets by infilitrating them by sending a scarab and attatching themselves to a hero. This hero gains the trust of the global population and then the beetle takes total control and disables the world's defenses and allow te reach to take over. The Reach are also an age old enemy of the green lantern corp. This would give the light an ally powerful enough that the guardians of the univese had to make a pact with them becuase the green lanterns weren't strong enough to beat them. In the comics the reach would never directly work with a "source" race of a planet. What are you're theories?

I know most people are thinking the mole is black beetle but something is bugging me about that. In the comics black beetle is human. Why would another human refure to humans as meat? I know young justice hasn't kept true to the comics but changing a characters species entirely, I don't think greg is that bold. It's more likely that the mole is a reach drone who is working with the light but is planing on stabing them in the back and taking over earth. I know this is going to get this blogged flamed about me being wrong. Deal with it, This is a wiki I have a right to post my theories even if a majority don't believe it.

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