This is part 2 which will be more interestnig than the first one but to understand whats going on in this one you have to read the first one.

Aqualad : Artemis,whats going on?

Miss M : Yeah who was she?and why did she want to kill you?

Artemis : Listen guys, I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!

Then Artemis walked into the kitchen crying and not knowing what to do. Wally walked in and went near her and held her hand.

Wally : So you wanna tell me whats going on?if that would help

Artemis : Sorry but no

Wally : Thats ok but is there anyway i can help

Artemis then turned around to look at him and he slowly leaned on her lips and they kissed.Afetr that,they looked each other in the eyes

Artemis : Thanks

Wally : no problem. At all

she smiled and gave him another kiss

Artemis : I hope one day i could explain. And i gotta go home now

She left with a smile on her face and so did Wally

the end. hoped you wally artemis fans liked it. Next one will be about Artemis and Robin meeting at school OR Connor and Megan

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