So, I found this episode Great!!

1. Esspecially Spitfire. Artemis was being nice to Wally and treating him like a teamate and it looks like Wally is starting to not hate her.

2. The Robin-Joker small fight was awesome.

3. Megan would talk about "her"(the bioship) and everyone would think she's talking about Artemis. I laughed so hard.

4. I saw Rocket, Plastic man and Guy Gardner(i'm not sure it was him). There was another guy who saved the helicopter.WHO WAS THAT?

5. Zatarra is the babysitter of the week so since Zatanna is supposed to be brought into the next episode, I guess Zatarra will bring her or maybe he will die

6. The Light is still a step ahead. They know about the team and the team and JL don't know about them

What are your comments on the episode?

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