Disordered gave me a LOT of hints for the future. Here the Main ones:

- Superboy said that he was happy even when he abandoned Megan(in failsafe). And we can tell that he doesn't like it and he is feeling guilty. Well i don't think Superboy will have a non happy ending when the show ends. He doesn't like feeling like a weapon with no feelings so I'm sure that he wants a girl that he loves. BUT he said that he wasn't sad when he abandoned Megan. So after a while when his character develops, will he start "feeling"? Or will another girl(maybe wondergirl)join the team that he will have feelings for and will feel sad? Even if he loves Megan and she love him, I don't think that their relationship will be permenant. By the way if you understood anything i just orte in this paragraph, i congratulate you because i can't even understand it.

-Megans and Artemis' secrets will be revealed soon.Yaaay.

- Robin doesn't want to be THE Batman so this could be a hint of him becoming Nightwing

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