Here are my reactions to Homefront

-Artemis was soooo cute as a nine year old and her sister(cheshire)is kinda like what Artemis is now

-Artemis' hair is amazing when she leaves it down!

-"We'll laugh about this someday" Robin knows Artemis is going to learn his identity sooner or later and he is So different in that uniform

-BARBARA!!!! she looked a bit jealous.Are they dating?

-Miss M and Superboy making out. Again?and its funny how Wally doesnt know

-Superboy said:Maybe, or maybe..? Maybe what?

-When Robin and Artemis see each other at the phone booth, you can tell from Robins face that he knows something

- When Robin teleports to the cave and there is a flash Artemis covers her eyes and she also closed her eyes from the flash of the camera when Dick took a picture of them.Why are her eyes so sensitive to a flash of light?maybe its because of something that happened before or maybe she "injured" her eyes

-Robin and Artemis make a great team and they look like they will have a great (friend) relationship

- Since Artemis has never fought such opponents before, Robin has to save her many times which is cool

- We get to see Robins more serious side

-We get to see what Artemis feels.she is just like any other teenage girl. She has self doubt. she doesnt beleive that she can defeat the robots and that the best thing she can do is wait for the league.I feel very sorry for her because her older sister left her with her father while her mother was in prison and she was only nine. Seeing her cry makes me want to hug her. And this episode proves that she is not the mole. Finally, it was nice to see Artemis' other, more sensitive side

-Wallys and Superboys distraction was awesome..i couldnt stop laughing "You cant drown a kryptonian dumb-bots,we dont breathe air"

-Artemis' monologue was touching

- She was so badass in the end

- Why was Superman helping Artemis instead of Superboy and Green arrow was just standing there instead of helping his "niece" Superman and Green arrow should take better care of their sidekicks

And thats all..This is my new favorite episode and it was so EPIC. I LOVED this episode and not only because i'm an Artemis fan..What did you think of the episode?

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