But, I’m not sure about all of them because it’s ancient greek which is kind of different from modern greek and because it’s difficult to understand since the voice actors can’t pronounce the words and letters like they are because of their accent. I don’t blame them.

What Artemis was saying(Symbiosis-συμβιωσης): She’s basically saying ‘together’ even though the word KIND OF means ‘live together’(συμ: together, βιωση: live)  What Kaldur was saying(some of it): quote:  ’What is left of Kaldur’ahm.(ουδ αμμος) Sand and    ?   ‘ (didn’t understand the rest of the sentence. If i could read what he was saying i would be able to translate better because i don’t understand what he was saying). The next thing he said: (lisomen artemis lisomen) i think it means please so he’s saying ‘Please Artemis, please’ The other thing he kept saying which i could not hear clearl but i think it was kai ego (και εγω) which means and i so he’s saying ‘(Και εγω)And I. I am alone’

That’s all i could understand. But I don’t think we should FULLY trust my translation. But, more or less, I think some of it is about right.

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