Out of curiosity, I got the Teen Titans Annual #1 (IF YOU WANT TO READ IT,->spoiler alert) As most of us know,Artemis was making an appearance in the comic. She was a good guy, not a villain and she died.(so one of the bad guys picked up a few kids like Artemis,Beast boy(who is Red?!?!?) and Terra and he put them into the battle of the teen titans and the Legion of superheroes. His powers made these kids "angrier" and they were all trying to kill each other while the TT and the LOSH tried to avoid death. It said in the comic that Artemis whose mind was kind of altered(like the other kids) still had some control and wasn't trying to kill the others( she is also friends with Red robin) . Then , when you think that she has a chance to be an archer on the Teen Titans...boom a big guy killed her. SO MY POINT( since this has almost nothing to do with the show)Do you guys think this is foreshadowing something like Artemis' death on the show while she was trying to protect the team? Even if the show isn't affected much by the New 52

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