• Delanoagius

    heroes killing ????

    September 7, 2013 by Delanoagius

    hey guys. i am in young justice season two and i can't stand the thought of the heroes killing. first miss martain interogate the kroloteans and make them in comatose and then they leave the kroloteans to die in the explosion and the only one that cared was superman to try to save them. aqualad and nightwing barely cared. whats up with that ? is there something i don't know maybe the kroloteans were saved and those kroloteans that miss martain interogate get out of that comatose ? pls tell me cuz it killing me inside to see the world mightest heroes kill. :/ . it kinda ruined young justice for me. becouse the show is lie. heroes don't kill ppl they save them even if there aliens and even if there villians and i know sometime heroes kill vil…

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