This is a request for Young Justice series (including comics - this universe in general) about the working of these items. It always irritated me to a bit that she can dodge anything - even machine gun or aircraft cannon fire in a funny looking way (arms up down up down repeat)... Now I understand we are dealing with unrealistic material from the beginning, they got super powers and thats the point etc... But then again that doesn't mean real world items - vehicles - weapons should be portrayed unrealistic too! Let's remember JL, there were these aircrafts chasing her and opened cannon fire on her, which she dodged them one by one easily. And meanwhile we were able to track her arms! Hello, we are talking about aircraft cannon here... Ever heard of Vulcan cannon or Gatling cannon - 20mm. - 30 mm. spitting out 4000-6000 rounds per minute! Just one push of a button at it fires 50-100 of these things so there is no way we can track her arms dodging it with our eyes. She should have super arm speed like Flash for that. Either make her super fast accordingly, or (better) not let her use it like that, making the weapon too stupid... It is not in her frame of powers no? She is too strong already without it anyway. It is ok to dumb down (or up in that manner) unrealistic content thats the point about it, but dont dumb down real world material that takes part in the action. I think with this series, in which we have more realism we should also consider that too... The cars in the series look like real life makes, the bat-plane looks like a real stealth fighter, these are all nice thinking... So then weapons should be realistic too. I think that would be better for this series.

Same about for example Batman in the same JL episode (forgot the name) he dodges machine gun fire like a salsa master! The bullets were impacting on his feet. Now in reality would a soldier that is firing on an enemy who has infiltrated the main base, would he fire to feet or directly to the torso? Do not dumb down the battles. It is a Battlefield / COD generation watching this.

Things like that didn't disappoint that much in the old series because they were well the usual goofy thing. With this one, with the wonder girl coming into the cast and all it suddenly struck me, a vision of the same arm shuffle thing in this series and I shivered.

So, a humble shot through the dark of mine. Thats how I feel. Respect anyone who doesn't think the same way. Though would be nice if there are people like me and quailty rises over time in series like this one.

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