Potential spoilers below. Proceed with caution…

So after Friday's episode "Humanity," I ended up surfing through Station 8, a Gargoyles fan website Greg does a Q/A with. I came across an interesting piece of information from the creator of YJ himself.

(pay close attention to answer number 2 here)

Recap (for those who don't want to visit the site): A fan asked if Cadmus creating Superboy to take the place of Superman in case he should perish would be counterproductive, as it would only help the League. Greg's response?

"In case he perish or turn from the Light. Interpret that as chillingly as you like."

When I originally heard Superboy's explanation of his existence, I'd never thought the L in light was capitalized. I assumed it meant that Superboy was created to take out Superman if he ever went rogue/evil. This was a little before we learned of the existence of the Light.

But Greg purposefully capitalized the word Light in his response. And there's only one way a person can turn away from an organization.

And that's if they are already working for it.

I know, I know. Crazy talk, right? Superman could never work with Lex Luthor!

And I'm not saying he is definitely the mole. I'm just saying it's now become a disturbingly possible idea in my mind.

And Greg's "interpret that as chillingly as you like" remark makes it even more tangible for me. Because really, what's more chilling? The idea that Cadmus created a being to take out the Man of Steel should he go rogue? Or the idea that Superman, the world's biggest boyscout, has been infiltrating (and betraying?) the Justice League (whether by intention or coercion) all along? For me, it's the second one by a long shot.

I know the idea of Superman as a mole is way past left field. But if there's anything I've learned from watching all of Greg Weisman's shows for nearly the past 2 decades, it's that you should always expect the unexpected.


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