Greg just answered the following fan question over on Station Eight:

Alexia writes...

I noticed that Zatanna's designation to enter the cave is A03.

1) Is the letter "A" a designation given to visitors to the cave?
2) Who were A01 and A02? Red Torpedo and Red Inferno?

Greg responds...

1. Authorized Guests.

2. No!

You've actually met A01. A02 will appear in Season Two, though in a way you've already met A02 also. (Wow, look! I gave a Spoiler hint! That's so unlike me. Well... don't get used to it!)

So my question is... anyone know who A01 is/was? I can't remember seeing someone enter the cave with that designation. My instinct is Snapper Carr. Was that in the comics (which I unfortunately have missed quite a few of)? Anyone else?

As for A02... It's someone we've already met "in a way." Any speculations?

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