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    Ok, so as soon as "Depths" aired, I rewatched "Alienated". And I've been doing a lot of thinking about Superboy's conversation with Miss M in "Depths".

    He states that he hasn't told the Justice League about her penchant for comatizing her enemies in order to glean information. And, sure, fine -- he's hoping she loves him enough to stop doing bad things (insert eye roll here - he's definitely showing his chronological age [as opposed to biological] with this one). Naive, but I believe the character choice.

    What I don't believe? That the entire League is unaware. Martian Manhunter and Batman were right there in "Alienated" when Miss M turned that Krolotaean's brain to mush. So there's only three possibilities here:

    1. Batman and Martian Man…

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    Greg just answered the following fan question over on Station Eight:

    I noticed that Zatanna's designation to enter the cave is A03.

    1) Is the letter "A" a designation given to visitors to the cave?
    2) Who were A01 and A02? Red Torpedo and Red Inferno?

    1. Authorized Guests.

    2. No!

    You've actually met A01. A02 will appear in Season Two, though in a way you've already met A02 also. (Wow, look! I gave a Spoiler hint! That's so unlike me. Well... don't get used to it!)

    So my question is... anyone know who A01 is/was? I can't remember seeing someone enter the cave with that designation. My instinct is Snapper Carr. Was that in the comics (which I unfortunately have missed quite a few of)? Anyone else?

    As for A02... It's someone we've already met "i…

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    Possible Mole Suspect?

    October 24, 2011 by DCFreak22

    Potential spoilers below. Proceed with caution…

    So after Friday's episode "Humanity," I ended up surfing through Station 8, a Gargoyles fan website Greg does a Q/A with. I came across an interesting piece of information from the creator of YJ himself.

    (pay close attention to answer number 2 here)

    Recap (for those who don't want to visit the site): A fan asked if Cadmus creating Superboy to take the place of Superman in case he should perish would be counterproductive, as it would only help the League. Greg's response?

    "In case he perish or turn from the Light. Interpret that as chillingly as you like."

    When I originally heard Superboy's explanation of his existence, I'd never thought the L…

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    Members of The Light?

    August 21, 2011 by DCFreak22

    Warning: Spoiler Alert. Please don't read this post if you haven't seen "Targets," YJ episode 10!!!!

    Okay, so for everyone who has seen "Targets," I don't think any of us were very surprised at the big reveal of two of the seven members of The Light.

    Lex Luthor was pretty much a given IMO. And Ra's al Ghul was one of action figures they created for their line, so I was guessing he'd be on that list too.

    But that leaves 5 spots to fill. I'm curious if anyone else has formed theories on who those five could be? My apologies if this has been covered somewhere else already - I'm new to the boards.

    After watching the show and reading the comic books (and being a huge DC geek in general), here are my thoughts:

    (From Left to Right)

    The Brain - assu…

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