Excuss my spelling but if any one whatched batman the brave and the bold right before targets on friday you would have seen a clip of future episodes, but if you dont have a DVR you might not have been able to see what i saw in slow motion.

First off my favorite Batman villaness Poison ivy might be in a future episode. In a part of clip it showed a female villan with pale green skin, orange hair, a dark green leotard, and dark green marking on her arms, legs, and face(possibly vines?) getting kicked in the face by artemis =p and then seen with a group of villains.

My next is the Joker who Greg Wiesman alredy confirmed would be a major villain in the series. for some strange reason he is seen with what apears to be a thin mustache dont really know why maybe for comic relief?

And lastly the only other villan i can recognise is a gorrila with a brain who im pretty sure ive seen somewhere.

surely i cant be the only one who has seen this clip, post a comment if saw something i didnt.

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