• Cuddalyfish

    Possible villains

    September 17, 2011 by Cuddalyfish

    Excuss my spelling but if any one whatched batman the brave and the bold right before targets on friday you would have seen a clip of future episodes, but if you dont have a DVR you might not have been able to see what i saw in slow motion.

    First off my favorite Batman villaness Poison ivy might be in a future episode. In a part of clip it showed a female villan with pale green skin, orange hair, a dark green leotard, and dark green marking on her arms, legs, and face(possibly vines?) getting kicked in the face by artemis =p and then seen with a group of villains.

    My next is the Joker who Greg Wiesman alredy confirmed would be a major villain in the series. for some strange reason he is seen with what apears to be a thin mustache dont reall…

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