I heard that Beast Boy a.k.a Garfield Logan will be a new addition to the show by the end of the first season and will be voiced by the actor Logan Grove.

I was just wondering if this is true because if so I have mixed feelings about this.

I'm so used to "Teen Titans" that it's hard for me to see a new interpretation of the Beast Boy I grew to know and love (it's hard enough for me to see Robin laugh that ridiculously creepy laugh of his). We technically already have two "Beast Boys" on the show. Both Robin and Kid Flash are funny, confident, flirty...basically everything Beast Boy was on the "Teen Titans" While I love humor I don't think adding too much of the "Beast Boy" factor is a good thing. And if the writers are thinking the same thing...are they going to make him some serious, dark, agnsty character? No...just no...that shouldn't happen...for soooo many reasons. Then again I'm curious to see what Beast Boy could bring to the show...does his appearance mean that Terra might come back? or even Starfire? Raven? the possibilities are endless. And I think if the writers give him a more dark and mature storyline it could work really well.

So we'll have to see!

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