• Chachi012

    As seen in season 2, episode 1 of Young Justice: Invasion, the Krolotaens were scared of Blue. Why is this? Because it is a popular question in the chatroom and my duty as a fellow blogger, I will help quash the mystery.

    • If you are like me, and a fan of the Blue Beatle comics then you should know the first thing about the Blue Scarab. IT'S ALIEN TECH! The Blue Scarab was invented by aliens of the Reach. The Reach were not always good, and were often classified as marauders. They designed the Scarab as a form of weaponry presented to a world's champion, in order to protect the planet and it's inhabitants.

    • The Scarab is programmed with the intelligence of its home planet, turning the wearer into the "ultimate infiltrator". Hence why Jaime, the …

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