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  • My occupation is Student
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  • Cari1994

    Hey, guys. It's been a while since I've done a blog. First, I'd like to give an update about the petition. As of today, we have reached our previous goal of 15,000 signatures. Whoever signed and passed it along, well done, guys! You've gotten us closer to our goal.

    However, even though 15,000 names is a lot, there's still a lot of work to be done on this petition. Our next goal is 20,000 names, according to the petition organizer, Sara Muftic. For this, we really need to get the names pouring in. When the petition went online, it only took 3 days and 8 hours to get to 10,000 signatures. But after that, it took more than twice as long to get from that to 15,000 signatures. During that time, I was looking at the petition every day and I was a…

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  • Cari1994

    Hey, guys. For those of you who think that this time jump is permanent, and also for those of you who are wishing that it wasn't, I've just thought of a few reasons why there has to be a jump-back to the original timeline during season 2.

    1. This story-line is set in 2016, a future that even the real world hasn't seen yet. As far as I heard about Greg Weisman, he has never written a story that was set in a year that even he didn't know anything about without jumping back to the present soon after. Why would he waste six precious months of his life doing just that for this entire season? In fact, I can't think of any good story-writer who has written a story that was originally set in a known past or present and then jumped ahead to an unfor…

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  • Cari1994

    Hey guys! This is my first blog.

    So even though the series is called "Young Justice", the actual team is never really named or officially referred to as anything other than "The Team". Now I don't know about any of you, but that doesn't sit well with me. I mean, I know that Greg Weisman has already said they don't need a "fancy name" because of their secret status, but come on! I'm pretty sure that the Justice League was already called the Justice League even before they went public. And eventually, they're gonna meet somebody who's gonna ask them, "So what do you call your little team?" and they're gonna be stumped. So I think that sooner or later, Greg is going to have to have the Team start calling themselves "Young Justice", considering…

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