I'm a bit curious about The Reach. How long have those sneaking cybugs actually been here? I could just be a mile out in left field, but their involvement might explain bloody near everthing the Light's been up to, ESPECIALLY Starro-teching the league and sending them to Rimbor. I mean honestly, how did the Light even know about Rimbor? And how would they have known that was a good planet to send the league to in order to make them galaxy wide wanted criminals?

Now that I think about it, how did they know that Starro was a psychic species with a propensity for mind control? Did Vandal Savage encounter it before it got frozen into a block of ice? Or had the Reach encountered that particular species before and told the Light of its capabilities?

We know the Kroloteans came because of the attack on Rimbor, but what if the attack on Rimbor was the Reach's idea? We know they are able to hide dozens of warships from the league and the light, so who's to say they haven't been behind everything right from the start? Villains typically don't work well together, even smart ones like the commanders of the Light, so who got them to work together? Savage claims it was his idea, but who's to say he wasn't around when the Reach was seeding planets with scarabs? He might have already met them and been prepping ever since!

With the exception of the League and their allies, as best I can tell, every meta human on the planet is working for the Light or one of their subordinates. If the Reach wants an army of meta humans, I'd say that they're about set.

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