Ok, so recently I've been into the ideas presented by Justice League Crisis on Two Earths, and I had a radical thought, what would the team be like in the Crime Syndicate's universe?

Would the members be CS universe versions of our team, or would they be somebody different?

And if they were CS versions of the team, what would they be called and how would they be different?

For those who don't know, the names of the CS universe versions of the original teams mentors were: Owlman, Johnny Quick, Jedd "The Martian" Jarkus, Ultraman, Archer, and since an evil Aquaman wasn't featured in JLCIS, I'll use one of his previous CS incarnations, Barracuda.

Our votes are in on what to call a Crime Syndicate Universe version of six of our eight original team!

The results are...

Superboy: Ultraboy

Robin/Nightwing: Talon

Artemis: Diana

Rocket: Ricochet

Aqualad: Piranha

Zatanna: Annataz

Please vote for names for KF and Miss M.

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