Ok, here's a question I'm sure everyone wants to know the answer to: What happens to Jaime that he betrays the Earth to the Reach?

My thoughts on the matter: What if it's not really Jaime in the Blue Beetle armor that hands over the Earth to the Reach? We know Jaime wants the burden of the scarab off his back (literally), and we also saw someone shooting a red laser at a VERY angry Black Beetle in some of the promos, in an area which looked suspiciously like the Watchtower. If the League does manage to get the scarab off Jaime, then wouldn't they keep it in the most secure facility they have, the Watchtower? And if the Reach got wind of the scarab's successful removal, wouldn't they then try to reobtain the scarab so that they could put it on someone more malleable to the Reach's goals and have their advance agent back, prompting them to send one of their most capable agents Black Beetle to retrieve the Blue scarab?

Evidence for:

See line of reasoning above.

Also, look at the Blue Beetle shown in the footage we have of the Reach Apocalypse; now look at Jaime. Jaime is probably about as big as he's ever going to get, and you can tell from his bone structure he is not built to naturally turn into a giant like the Reach Apocalypse Blue Beetle. So unless the scarab is going to hit him with blockbuster formula or the like at some point, I'd say that is NOT Jaime in that suit.

Also, we can assume that since the Reach has stated that the only way they have to reboot the scarab while it's got a host would kill the host, and RABB is pretty obviously not dead, then its a pretty safe bet that they didn't reboot it while it was attached to Jaime, and if they did he's not in there anymore. However if the League DOES manage to remove the scarab, then all the Reach has to do is retrieve and reboot the scarab, find another host and nobody outside the League would know the difference. And a lot of people wouldn't believe them because the Ambasssador and Godfrey would paint it as the League trying to smear the Reach and the one hero who actually supports them, and the public doesn't know it's Jaime in that armor to begin with (see episode Satisfaction).

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