While I will live forever with the hope that this show will be renewed, I want to read more comics. I read some comics right before the new 52 like the really early young justice, and xmen but I never knew where to start so when the new 52 and Marvel now came out I thought I would finally have a jumping on point that they were promising but neither really gave that. DC actually removed one of my favorite characters (Wally West), who I was looking forward to reading. So now with all these cancelations and deaths (Damian :'() I dont really know what to do. I read the new 52 teen titans but in my opinion it was bad and boring but i only got to issue 15 or 20 so maybe it changed. Please give me any suggestions as to what i should read that will be good for basically a new to comics person. I like Flash, XMen, Young Justice, Teen titans, batgirl, robin....

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