These are just some thoughts of mine and probably proof I shouldn’t go off and run errands on foot (too much time to think)

Anyways given there are many, many character tropes out there and often the archetypical characters are combined to form a team. Sometimes the teams then work out to be identical, others not. So I was wondering what literary/mythological hero team you guys thought the team was most like and why.

I think they are a lot like the Argonauts. (Probably not the best example because there are so many of them but here goes)

  • The bioship is essentially the Argo.
  • M’gann could probably be Jason (she talks with her ship, he talks with his and the ships talk back)</li>
  • Connor is so Heracles.
  • Kaldur would probably be Neleus (son of Poseidon).</li>
  • Zatanna = Medea (really nothing more than them both being magic users but still).
  • Wally is Atalanta (the runner).
  • Dick is most likely Laertes (Odysseus father…personality wise they seem to fit.)
  • Billy Batson=Nestor (Nestor is pretty wise and gives darn good advise)
  • Artemis and Roy as Poeas (the best archer of the group) and Philoctetes(Poeas' son)...not sure which is which)
  • Ok so I’m not sure how sphere and wolf fit in or any of one else from the JL but yeah…good little band of Argonauts we have here.

So, what do you guys think?

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