• Brouellette

    These are just some thoughts of mine and probably proof I shouldn’t go off and run errands on foot (too much time to think)

    Anyways given there are many, many character tropes out there and often the archetypical characters are combined to form a team. Sometimes the teams then work out to be identical, others not. So I was wondering what literary/mythological hero team you guys thought the team was most like and why.

    I think they are a lot like the Argonauts. (Probably not the best example because there are so many of them but here goes)

    • The bioship is essentially the Argo.
    • M’gann could probably be Jason (she talks with her ship, he talks with his and the ships talk back)</li>
    • Connor is so Heracles.
    • Kaldur would probably be Neleus (son of Poseid…
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