• Brandon Storm9

    Thus far nearly every episode of Young Justice has involved some big mystery involving the shadowly organization The Light. Despite their named they have some pretty nasty business partners, dispite the efforts of young justice they have managed to acquire the following.

    1. The Kobra Venom formula
    2. The genius of T.O. Morrow, the maker of Red Tornado.
    3. A fragment of Starro, to be acquired later via Corporate manipulation.
    4. Some pretty powerful alien allies with access to Zeta-Beam tech.
    5. The complete STAR Labs Database.
    6. Manipulating the Rhelasian governments into a unwitting alliance with the Light.
    7. Planting a Mole within Young Justice.
    8. A mass Breakout attempt by Hugo Strange and Icicle Sr.
    9. Attempts to raise a Army of genectically enhanced animals courtesy…
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