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  • Bobbobin

    Hello! I made this blog because when I was editing the Powers and Abilities section of the Superboy page, I was told that my edit is not 'uniform' to the other pages.

    The problem is, I checked the other pages and I found multiple formats (so much for uniformity), so I'm quite confused which one I should follow. So here I am to discuss the conflicts and to propose a format for the Powers and Abilities section/category.

    Powers are SUPERNATURAL/SUPERHUMAN abilities, you can be either born with it (Ms. M's Martian Powers, Superboy's Kryptonian powers), or got it through an accident/experiment (Wally's superspeed, Beast Boy's shapeshifting), or got it from an equipment/item (Rocket, Bumblebee, Blue).

    I see Abilities as NORMAL skills that can be lear…

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