• BlackTarantula

    The above link displays a screenshot of a post on the DC Nation face book page - a post from someone who rang one of the higher-ups at CN and was told that "if the fans want to turn things around for YJ, we have two months to do so and we need THOUSANDS of more viewers". So all is not lost yet, keep watching and please encourage friends to watch the show, because a noticeable increase in viewers will save it. It's likely that by 'two months', the director means the seven weeks left of the show's run. So make sure you do your bit to try and increase ratings for each of those 7 episodes!

    Additionally, please check out the other blog I posted on Young Justice Wiki today, which concerns the likelihood of revi…

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  • BlackTarantula

    Here's one thing we can do in addition to clamoring for a season 3: show Cartoon Network that we would love to see a 6 episode mini-series set within the season 2 timeline

    It would bring the episode order for season 2 up to 26 episodes, so that the spread of episodes between both seasons is even and so that the Team members added after season 1 could be more fleshed out. Season 1 covered 6 months of the year with 4 months getting 4 episodes each, and 2 months getting 5 episodes each. The mini-series could take the form of an episode set at the end of January, one set in early February, one in early March, one in late April, one in May and one in June.

    It would be better than nothing, and is a more achievable goal than a 26 episode third se…

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