Okay, I really want to know what all happened after Auld.

Main Questions:

What did they do to Lex, Queen Bee, Hugo, Cadmus, Brain, Ivo, Ra's, and the other villains in the last 2 episodes?

What did the League do after all of this?

What did Red do with John Smith?

What happened to the Light?

What new relationships developed, which ones were destroyed, and which ones changed?

Did Superboy and Superman do to 'bond'?

What happened with Black Canary and Green Arrow?

What did Martian Manhunter think about MM being a white martian?

What happened with Aquaman's family?

How did everybody do with Starro tech.?

What happened with Starro?

Who, what, when, where, and what is Guardian?

Also, was there ever anything like this: (Note, this is the beginning of my Fanon season)

A New Start

16:16 EST

The Watchtower

Batman is standing in front of the full League and the team.

“From what little we know, Savage wasn’t working alone. We know Klarion was part of it and it’s safe to assume that lex Luther and Queen Bee was in on it too. Also, since nothing in the League of Shadows happens without Ra’s’ say-so. We also can surmise that the Brain, Professor Ivo, and the Injustice League are in cahoots. Finally, Hugo Strange, Bell Rev’s warden, is to some extent corrupt and has been secretly been releasing prisoners. And there is still the problem with Red Arrow.”

Red Arrow can be seen with some of the team consoling him.

“We cannot ignore this any longer. That is why I’ve had Captain Atom prepare a plan of attack.”

Batman steps down and Captain Atom steps forward and addresses the crowd.

“We will be attacking all of these targets simultaneously. The plan starts with (insert 2 names) going to back up the authorities in the apprehension of Hugo Strange. Next, (insert 3 names) will go to apprehend Lex Luther. Red Arrow, Green Arrow, and Black Canary, since we haven’t heard any more from Guardian, we can assume something’s up, so we’re sending you there to conduct our own search. (insert 4 names) will go and investigate Ra’s’ complex Red Arrow found in Relashia. Finally, the team will be sent on a covert mission to Bialya to discreetly find evidence of Queen Bee’s involvement. Teams, you’re dismissed.”

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