Well hello there. You might not know me since this is my first time to post on this wiki. I’m Betuor and I’m a HUGE fan of Young Justice, but not Invasion/Evasion as I now call it. So I’m now taking upon myself to continue the good part of the in my own fan-fict story. But, before I start the story, I’m going to ask a few questions.

Q 1

What happened to the villains apprehended at the end of Usual Suspects? Did the Justice League set them free? Were they sent to Bell Rev? Were they sent to another prison?

Q 2

What happened with Hugo Strange? Did he go into hiding? Did he stay and get arrested peacefully or in the process release all of the prisoners?

Q 3

What did Lex Luther do? Did he go into hiding and appointed someone else in charge of Lex Corp.? Did he stay in the open hiding behind a fleet of lawyers? Did he go hide in some random like Relashia?

Q 4

What happened to Queen Bee? Did she stay in the open? Did she go into hiding? Did she leave and formed the Hive?

Q 5

Did they figure out that Ra Al Ghul was part of the Light?

Q 6

What relationships have developed?

Q 7

What happened to Cadmus? Did the Light leave Cadmus intact and had just knocked everybody out? Did the League raid the place? Did everybody there get killed? Did Guardian survive? Did he remain there? Did Cadmus blow-up? Did it get closed down? Did Lex get traced back to Cadmus?

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