• Betuor

    Okay, I really want to know what all happened after Auld.

    Main Questions:

    What did they do to Lex, Queen Bee, Hugo, Cadmus, Brain, Ivo, Ra's, and the other villains in the last 2 episodes?

    What did the League do after all of this?

    What did Red do with John Smith?

    What happened to the Light?

    What new relationships developed, which ones were destroyed, and which ones changed?

    Did Superboy and Superman do to 'bond'?

    What happened with Black Canary and Green Arrow?

    What did Martian Manhunter think about MM being a white martian?

    What happened with Aquaman's family?

    How did everybody do with Starro tech.?

    What happened with Starro?

    Who, what, when, where, and what is Guardian?

    Also, was there ever anything like this: (Note, this is the beginning of my Fanon …

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  • Betuor

    Fanon Questions

    April 29, 2012 by Betuor

    Well hello there. You might not know me since this is my first time to post on this wiki. I’m Betuor and I’m a HUGE fan of Young Justice, but not Invasion/Evasion as I now call it. So I’m now taking upon myself to continue the good part of the in my own fan-fict story. But, before I start the story, I’m going to ask a few questions.

    Q 1

    What happened to the villains apprehended at the end of Usual Suspects? Did the Justice League set them free? Were they sent to Bell Rev? Were they sent to another prison?

    Q 2

    What happened with Hugo Strange? Did he go into hiding? Did he stay and get arrested peacefully or in the process release all of the prisoners?

    Q 3

    What did Lex Luther do? Did he go into hiding and appointed someone else in charge of Lex Co…

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