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  • Bathammer3

    I Want Answers

    July 19, 2012 by Bathammer3

    What I want are some answers!

    • When is the League coming back from Rimbor?
    • How is Impulse going to get back to the future?
    • When are Dick, Kaldur, Wally, and Artemis's ruse going to be discovered and how will the rest of the Team take it?
    • Will L'gann ever be seen again?
    • Where did Kaldur take him?
    • What became of Tye Longshadow and the other kidnappees?
    • Who is this partner, is he Deathstroke (Slade) or G. Gordon Godfrey?
    • How was Tula murdered, who murdered her?
    • What happened to Garth, did he become the new Aqualad after Kaldur "betrayed" the team?
    • How and why did Queen Bee kill Gar's mom, Marie Logan/Megan Wheeler?
    • Will Bruce, Diana, John, Clark, J'onn, and Shayera be proven innocent or guilty, if guilty, what will happen to the league?
    • When will Carol Fe…
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