The Team and the Justice League continue to hunt the Kroloteans that have invaded Earth—but the aliens have help from an extremely unexpected source

3 days-So I think our unexpected source will have to be very unexpected to atually suprise us fans but here are our conenders. Mostly The Light and Darkside but we could possible have a new threat that cropped up in the five year time gap. You know since they were pretty much the only villians that could possibly work this out together. Other than that I think it would have to be a hero to actually surprise some of us.

2 days- And thanks to our stills we now know that there is going to be a flash back so I think every one SHOULD BE HAPPY! Also we have Miss M and Bats watching John with a krolotean so I am hoping that Bats is saying "You see what he is doing here, he is getting infomations. Yes you did too but do you notice that he isn't putting the alien in A COMA!" ALso since we seem to be geting a lot of Bats in the stills they will most likely actually be following the OTHER members of the bat team becasue like it or not this is aobut the younger generation and it isn't about Batman. (though it is fine for him to have his moments) SO this means NIGHTWING!!!!!!!

1 day- okay I fixed the days and am now waiting paitiently for the next episode, also seeing as this is the third epiosde all therios would pretain to the season finally of the last season and have therefor already been said. Hopefuly after this episode I will have more to say.

WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh so I could see this comming but I was dragging my feet the entire time. It just isn't fair. He had everything bad happen to him. I mean after Alpha Male I had this little place in my heart for him where he was just amazing then they kill Tula and he goes beserkers.

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