Okay so I have this little fantasy that every member of the team has a dog (except Superboy who has Wolf) and since the team is called The Team, this is called The Pack. Each day I will be adding the bios behind the members in case some one else comes up with something better than mine. In that case you will get credit for the idea when I put it up. Some have a secret I.D because I either thought they needed one or it would only make sense if they had two names. One of the dogs doesn't belong to a team member, I kinda want people to guess whos dog is who.

Um so I tried to do a family tree thing but the editing kept putting it into code fromating and I can't fix it so um I'll just do bios each day. Names are Shifter, Red, Lightning, Huntress, Kara, Tempest, and Arsenol, and two other I don't have codenames for.


Shifter-Born in an illegial genetic lab and then experimented on as a puppy, Shifter has a masive part of her genetic code that is mutated and changing. She is the Alpha female of the group and the oldest, her real name is Jewel and she lives wiht her mate Red.

Red- Just a normal dog, raised from a pup to be silent and stealthy. Given a lot of attention as a pup his bond with his owner (Robin) is amazingly strong. Think bathound but robin stlye. Real name is Dean.

Beta group

Lightning- The only pupy to recieve Shifter's mutated gene and therfore a problem turned power for the dog, an increased matabalisum and SPEED. He also inherited Red's endurence so that he could actually keep going at top speed for a resanble amount of time. Owner Wally and his realy name is Michael, (um keep in mind that these are dogs and I kinda need super powers to transfer down genetics) he bred with both his litter mates, choosing Huntress for actual partner.

Huntress- Growing up with two superpowered litter mates, she is very competitve and doesn't take no for an answer. She won't let any one treat her as a handicap and rarley takes help. Her real name is Diane and she works with Artemis.

for those of you that will actually see updates still new bios soon

Kara- Kara was bred from a Black Lab and some reblicated genomorph DNA. SHe is telepathinc and can fly. Suppsoe to be for Megan, but with the way she is acting I don't want to be nice to her.

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