Hi, I am going to be posting any question I can find and hopefuly when I get an answer I will post that as well (NO SPOILERS) They could be on the show or any thing else related. Mostly this is just stuff up for debate.

  1. How in the world did Lex do that to Connor, with the whole red sun thing?
  2. Why does cartoon network treat all the really good shows like no one watches them and then gives the stupid ones all this attention?
  3. Are the admins shorthanded or something becasue Robin's history hasn't been updated since secrets?
  4. What does Aqualad do in his spare time? From his friends and family's reactions in the latest comic and downtime it looks like he doesn't come back to Atlantis that much and he doesn't live at the cave, so where is he?
  5. What does the light want, and I meam really want? They seemed to want that starfish, but that distration could have been done at any time. Why have all these other attacks and stuff happen. Why did the brain have to use inhibitor collors, all it did was alert the justice league that they were worcking as a society.
  6. Where was Artemis, Zattana, and Kaldur durring Image? Agendas wasn't a missioin so they could be any where, but Kaldur left Robin in charge in Image, hope it is explaine comics but it is going to take such a long time to get aall the way up to the current point.
  7. Okay now that we have a log line for Performance my big question is. Does the team learn his secret ID, because we have him at the circus? (No spoilers but we can discus it)


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