3 days: Red Arrow's return undercuts Artemis' confidence, while the tream's mission to track down Sportsmaster threatens to expose her darkest secrets. Okay I think this the episode we have all been waiting for since Artemis joined the team. Her secrets to be revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not this one then for sure in Usual Suspect sence the log line actually says that all secrets will be reavealed. Reallly hope they start putting in some good spitfire moments and they had better make this realations move along quicker now that Wally KNOWS he has no hope with Megan. (it was really overdue) Can't wait to know who the Justice League voted in.

2 days: My ideas on who the Justice league voted in. I think that Billy and Dr.Fate stayed, and I am pretty sure that Icon got in becasue we ahve seen Rocet joining the team. No one from the team got promoted, and I bet Green Arrow is the only one to have voted for Roy. (like Orin sayed he is rude and disrepectful) I am not sure if the Atom can grow and shrink in this version and I don't know how usful he would be if he is permenetly that small, but Batman seemed to think it was a good idea. And I forget who else was nominated. Oh okay, so thanks to the Green Lanters absolute rejectin I am pretty sure we aren't getting a third Green Lantern, and I don't know anything about Blue Devil so no idea what to think about him.

1 day: I can't believe how long it is taking for Spirfire to be public. You would think after failsafe they would admit to there feelings, but no both are in denial. Them Wally finally has to let go of Megan and he just flirts with every one but Artemis. I am seriosly going to freak out if we don't get some better action soon. This is probably the one pairing I actuallly like in the entire team. I am okay with supermartian but they centered on it way to much, and I think they think that no one knows about them when every one does. Plus I am really hoping that the Robin ans Zatana stuff is just a crush........ And I am just no realising that IT'S TOMOROW AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

OMG SO good such a great spitfire episode

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