Okay i did this for missplaced so here we go.

3 days: So I am doing this again but there hasn't been a bug build up so oppions on if I should do this for every episode or not. That is the one reason a hiatus is kinda cool. You get theis great build up for the episode. Even if I do this for more episode I probably would start around now and not on Sunday. I have heard talk of screenshots but I don't know where to look. Any one else know.

2 days: Okay something was brought to my attention. Name a independent female super hero (meaning not Batwomen or super girl) besides Wonder Women that is at least somewhat mainstream.

I just realised my count was off. :o

1 day: Voting time, I'll post results favortie member of the team.

2 hours 30 min: okay so it was really just a race between Wally and Artamiss. Artamiss won by one vote and it would have been tired if I hadn't counted those people that voted for more than one person. I woud have to say that Robin is my favorite and but Artamiss is a close second. Do you guys think I should do this for the next episode as well?

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