While Superboy and Blue Beetle battle Intergang, Nightwing and company try to salvage the soul of a former comrade fallen from grace

Go all the way to the bottom for the stills and video of the episode.

6 days- So I finally have stuff to talk about and it will most likly last me the whole week, if not well then I might do polls. First of I am estatic for the ending of the last episode. This episode was just full of mentor-mente moments and it was really nice to see Superboy getting the attention he deserved. You might of missed it but he now has the full three names of a kryptoinian hero, Conner Kent, Superboy and Kon-El. Clark also called him little brother. So that and the whole Bat family was really my favorite part. Tomorow I will actualy get to theroies.

5 days- We have two choices for the comrade fallen from grace. The most obvios one and most likely is Kaldur, but there is also the posibility of it being Red Arrow. The still and vid show that while he is still saving people (or that was just a one time gig) he has really let him self go. If Nightwing is going to try and save Kaldur he most likely will do it by using Red Arrow seeing as him and Kaldur were best friends. Now as it says and company and I am tempted to think there will be "new" people helping. Like oh...... say Wally and Artemis, and if not well one can dream.

4 days- So they might or might not have Wally in this one because we were promised another episode with him and his mentors after this so who know. Intresting debate going on in the episode discusin and that would be the thought that Black Manta was eating fish in the recent episode. I can't remember if Black Manta is actually Atlantian or human like the guy we thought was his father. My thoughts on Red Arrow are that he is still a hero but doesn't care about himself at all because he isn't a "real" person. He feels he isn't worth anything and has dedicated the rest of his life to stopping Cadmus. I mean the League must have noticed when they showed up to Cadmus and every one was gone, or dead (not sure about that) but it would have been noticed.

my thoughts tomorow

3 days- Okay so judeing by the answer to this question if we get a season 3 there will be another time skip. My hope is a jump BACK! I am not quite sure why they feel the need to skip around like this but there is one thing for certain. DON'T STOP WATCHING! People keep saying if you don't like it stop watching, but if you stop watching ratings go down and we won't get a season three. I may not like what they are doing with the time skipping but it is still the same great show. I mean if you really don't like it any more than fine leave, but don't clog sites with your hate, however if you are just going to stop watching just because Megan is dating Lagoon boy then just wait for her to break up with him because I SWEAR it is comming and the supermatian is clearly still there for every one to see.

2 days- Ugh, I am done waiting. This episode just keeps sounding like the one I really want to watch. Promise of some answers about both Roy CHECK, hopefull guesses that all archers will be present CHECK more hopes that we will have a certain speedster/archer couple ON SCREEN CHECK. If all these things happen, if just two of these things I will be happy. Another thing is that they seem to like throwing in one of the new charecters in an episode mostly focused on the originals so my guess is that instead of actually having a member of the team IF we get Artemis we might get Arrowet because maybe she sought Artemis out after a few years and is now working as her sidekick.

'1 day- '

WALLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really happy right now because no matter what we now have only one more team mate to go before we have accounted for the entire Team. I don't know what he has been doing and I think it is kinda wierd that he isn't wearing his uniform, then again we know Barry isn't dead becasue in bloodlines it is suppose to be all three flashes, so if I was a 21 year old guy I probably wouldn't want to still wear the KID flash suit. This mean he is probably just chillin and not really working. There is also the thought that the other red head is Gaurdian but I don'y know and at the moment don't care becasue I am just really excited for Wally to be in the next episode. You guys?

13 hours good thing I will at least sleep for 10 of them

2 hours left and I might be going crazy

LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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