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  • I was born on July 24
  • My occupation is hero and student
  • I am male
  • Azureflame978

    Ok after watching Earthlings again i noticed somethings. first off Rann seems like a very controlled planet so they must have known about that base not only that but Sardath was working on something he did not want Adam Strange to know about so that could be a possible weapon. My guess is the light might be working with the little aliens and the people of Rann but the light plan on betraying this possible allience. One things for sure young justice is plot heavy so there is something bigger is going on here

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  • Azureflame978

    new dynamics

    May 4, 2012 by Azureflame978

    alright with all the new team members now i think it opens a lot of doors for new team dynamics first off robin 2 tim wants to live up to dick so now we see dick as the big bro role now and tim could bound with cissie king jones if she comes in to the show to live up to artemis and green arrow aliso there is the comedy duo of beast boy and blue beetle and beast boys interaction with miss martian next is super boy and lagoon boy in my opinon i dont like lagoon but he is a lot like superbboy and he stole his girlfriend so you gotta want to see how they will act not to mention all the things that could come from wondergirl batgirl mal and bee so wat do u guys think about new relationships forming

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  • Azureflame978

    ok this is my first blog so i will just get rite in this is my thought on the yj couples feel free to rite your own first is supermartian am i the only one that thinks theres no reason they are together i mean why do they even like each other they are fake i dont ship them. next is spitfire its destiny enough said jk they are a real couple and the best on the show most develeped and just feels rite. robin zatanna well im confused i think robin likes her but everytime it shows zattana she wont give robin the time of day and just worried bout her dad. finnally rrocketaqualad they mite not get together eiter wayy dont care not enough connection since they are showen the least if they get together at least make an episode about it so ican for…

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