Okay so the title may sound a bit odd, but as avid fans and supporters of both Young Justice and the DC Nation block, we need to start a sort of revolution that may sway CN to change their minds after this incredibly rash decision. I understand that people have signed the petition online (myself included) but there needs to be a stronger effort.

We need to collaborate and make our voices heard in a way that can evoke some form of guilt in CN for basically ruining television. Any ideas on how to really capture CN's attention? I think a group e-mail organized by the wiki might be interesting. Difficult to do, but it's possible.

I'm sitting in class right now watching a movie about War, Peace and Women the revolutionary in me just thought "Do Something! Your show has been taken off for an extra 3 months! Do something darnit! Your saturdays are nearly ruined!"

The Young Justice hiatus over the summer was tolerable since I had the Legend of Korra to keep me occupied, but I no has Korra =(

Any other thoughts about the postponement? I'd love to hear about it!


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