So this is my first blog post on this wiki so don't torch me please.

I'm sure everyone has these speculations as to what caused the rift between M'gaan and Superboy, and you will all probably agree with me on this.

It is more than likely that M'gaan's telepathic powers have began to advance beyond her conscious and moral control, which could be why she can so easily turn that Krolotean into a vegetable. Connor didn't like that and cut things off.

Now I personally liked M'gaan and Connor together and if you disagree with me, you're allowed to, but don't insult me for my opinions (as I have seen on this wiki). I think they make a good couple because they were honest with each other *so it seems* and M'gaan seemed to have the calming personality that would keep Connor's rage in check, which I admired and he was protective which is also admirable.

I do hope they get together again, I don't think La'gaan is the greatest. I mean really..."angelfish"...really? And the eskimo kisses...I can't do those in real life nor in cartoons. I get the oogies. I haven't really seen a lot of his character to make full judgment but Lagoon Boy seems a lot more confident and obnoxious, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I wouldn't really imagine Miss Martian with someone like that, unless the show proves me wrong.

It is obvious that Superboy and Miss Martian still have feelings for eachother as shown in "Earthlings" and I hope the show follows up with that sub-plot


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