Together, the Young Justice community, and the GTLAS community have risen up and spoken adamantly for third seasons of our beloved DC Nation block. I am very impressed with the efforts that people have put in, on the wiki as well as twitter feeds, but it leads me to question, what is our chance of success?

I wrote a letter and sent it in, and I'm sure many people did as well, and I don't want to be a Negative Nina, but did they even read our letters? I sincerely hope the executives at least had some common courtesy to open the envelope and read (at least my chicken scratch of handwriting) our letters that we all put valiant effort into writing. 

We trended on Twitter multiple times! I still don't understand if the executives are just mentally challenged and don't understand we want more of these shows, or they simply don't care. Both our DC Nation shows unfortunately have expensive animation, and it appears to me that Cartoon Network wants to settle for cheap animation, and when you get cheap animation you get cheap shows, which is unfair.

In retrospect, it's Cartoon Network's own fault that people don't go out and buy the toys, or DVDs...THEY DON'T ADVERTISE. What? Do they expect us to psychically link with the TV and assume "hey let's go buy a toy that I'm assuming they're making." It doesn't make any sense.

If the executives had some sense of considering their audience, then we would most definitely prevail. I honestly believe they're just daft in the head, and ignorant. It's all about money, which is sad, because if they advertised better, they would more than likely be making a pretty decent amount of money.

We're trying our hardest and I really hope that it all works out in the end, because Teen Titans Go! looks fluffing stupid...also Beware the Batman...there's no Robin!? Blasphemy.

Never the end.

  • Edit* Does anyone think that the usurpation of Star Wars the Clone Wars by Disney have any effect on the chance of Young Justice getting renewed? I hate how CN treats children like idiots...and that they turn out like idiots...

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