Okay so apparently there is no Young Justice on the Cartoon Network schedule for tomorrow, and my floormate told me that DC Nation has been unofficially cancelled. WHAT THE FLUFF! They can't do that! What's going on? Young Justice and Green Lantern the Animated Series may be some of Cartoon Network's highest rated television programs, and they go ahead and cancel it?

I am in outragee!

I guess I need to relax haha

Update: Alright well if it IS on which I hope, I hope everyone enjoys the new episode! I'll be cheering for Rutgers football lol. Beat Cuse!

Update (again): I'm so pleased that everyone is commenting, but I'm not pleased of this lack of Young Justice for the month of October. The show JUST returned. How rude of them! But on another not, Rutgers won and are now 6-0. Okay I'm done telling you about my school football team -__-

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