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    April 16, 2013 by Avataress0

    I'm sure all of you have heard of the new game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Well I'm playing it and it is AWESOME-SAUCE! The voice of Cyborg from Teen Titans/Aqualad from Young Justice voices Cyborg, and Nightwing is awesome in his escrima stick awesomeness. I recommend you at least try the game =)

    Also I recommend that you download the free iPhone app if you do get the game. There is unlockable content for both the console version and the iOS version 

    Just a heads up for those who have NO idea of the emotionally prepared for the absolute WORST. I wasn't and I still have feelings of heartbreak; and I haven't even finished the story yet -___-

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  • Avataress0

    Thoughts for Boston

    April 16, 2013 by Avataress0

    It is definitely off topic, but I hope that if there are any people who live in Boston or have family in Boston that they are safe! The violence in this day and age is frightening, to where young children lose their lives to the complete disregard for human life and actions of irrational others. My thoughts to everyone in Boston and the everyday heroes working to maintain safety and order. 

    On a related note...the Westboro Baptist Church will picket the funeral of those who lost their lives today. I hate them so much. 

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  • Avataress0

    A Bit of Serendipity

    March 30, 2013 by Avataress0

    Although the Young Justice community is quite sad by the lack of notification for a new season we have been blessed with a glimmer of hope! April 11th is coming sooner than we think people and hopefully everything will work out in our favor.

    In the mean time let us rejoice in the fact that Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond and other GOOD Cartoon Network shows are finally on Netflix. I know I'm late for the announcement and I've known for some time, but now that I'm watching Justice League while eating dinner I am quite satisfied that there are superheroes among us. Quite satisfied indeed

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  • Avataress0

    It's been almost a few hours since the last Young Justice episode aired, and I'm still EXTREMELY infuriated with Cartoon Network, especially with that dump of a cliffhanger. All in all I loved the series and really hope that something is done about a possible third season because there are so many questions that I have like:

    1. What do the Light and Darkseid plan to do now?

    2. Will Luthor be a good UN Secretary-General? (Probably not)

    3. What will Nightwing do now that he is resigned from the team?

    4. Will we ever get Dick/Babs in the show? (please?)

    Any other questions anyone would ask to hopefully have answered in a *hopeful* third+ season?

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  • Avataress0

    Together, the Young Justice community, and the GTLAS community have risen up and spoken adamantly for third seasons of our beloved DC Nation block. I am very impressed with the efforts that people have put in, on the wiki as well as twitter feeds, but it leads me to question, what is our chance of success?

    I wrote a letter and sent it in, and I'm sure many people did as well, and I don't want to be a Negative Nina, but did they even read our letters? I sincerely hope the executives at least had some common courtesy to open the envelope and read (at least my chicken scratch of handwriting) our letters that we all put valiant effort into writing. 

    We trended on Twitter multiple times! I still don't understand if the executives are just mentall…

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