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  • Atregle

    I was thinking about how cool it would be for Static Shock to join The Team, then i did some more thinking; since his creator is dead its gona be pretty hard to get permission to use him in the show but still I really want to see him in the show (unless in earth 16 he not real)

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  • Atregle

    Artemis "death"

    June 25, 2012 by Atregle

    We all know that eventually Nightwing is going to have to explain his plan to The Team and how Artemis isnt really dead and also explain how Aqualad isnt evil. I just cant wait to see how its all laid out !!!!!!!!!!

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  • Atregle

    This what i think the Designations are for The Team

    • B01 – Nightwing
    • B02 – Aqualad
    • B03 – Kid Flash
    • B04 – Superboy
    • B05 – Miss Martian
    • B06 – Red Arrow
    • B07 – Artemis
    • B08 – Zatanna
    • B09 - Rocket
    • B10 - Batgirl
    • B11 - Tula
    • B12 - Garth
    • B13 - Robin2 (Jason Todd)
    • B14 - Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
    • B15 - ???????????
    • B16 - ????????????
    • B17 – Bumblebee
    • B18 - Lagoon Boy
    • B19 – Beast Boy
    • B20 - Robin III (Tim Drake)
    • B21 – Wonder Girl
    • B22 – Blue Beetle

    I think Bette Kane became Batgirl but never joined the team

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