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    We start off in metropolis where a giant plant creature attacks the city, we zoom out and it is revealed to be the work of the Injustice League. A team of supervillains composed of Deathstroke (Inplace of Vertigo), Joker, Cheetah (Inplace of Poison Ivy), Bizzaro (Inplace of Black Adam) Ultra-Humanite, and Wotan. Batman informs the team of the situation and sends Captain Marvel along with them for insurance. (Message, Joker taps on his cane like a microphone, twirls it then pulls out his card and reveals the gang, and says "Fun" instead of "Jollies")

    (Also this takes place after an Poison Ivy got her own episode and she provided the platns for them.)

    I'm willing to continue but for know I kinda ran out of what comes next.

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  • Aslan10000

    New Joker Voice.

    January 1, 2012 by Aslan10000

    If they were to re-cast The Joker, even editing the voice from his first episode, Who should voice him? And no not Mark Hamill.

    . Kevin Michael Richardson

    . John Dimaggio

    . James Patrick Stewart

    . Jim Cummings

    . Charley Adler

    . Dwight Schultz

    . Billy West

    . Dan Castella

    . David Tennet

    . Rob Paulson

    . Phil LaMarr

    . Tom Kenny

    . Tom Kane

    . Steve Blum

    . Nolan North

    Also, do you think Grey Delisle should reprise Black Canary, She did good in The Green Arrow shor and is perfect as Doctor Holiday from Generator Rext, and Vanessa Marshall Kinda makes Black Canary sound too old. But maybe that's just me. We could atleast go for someone just as old or younger.

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