I currently believe Artemis is a spy for Light as shown in the sixth episode of Young Justice "Infiltrator". During their communication with Sensei, it was revealed that the Light also have an operative within Young Justice, in episode Infiltrator of Young Justice.

Although she had an opportunity to capture Cheshire, Cheshire, who blackmailed Artemis into letting her go by threatening to reveal Artemis' history to Young Justice if she was taken in. When Artemis saw Cheshire's face without the mask, she recognized her. It seems that they have a connection. In DC Comics Cheshire real name is Jade Nguyen, daughter of a French father and Vietnamese mother.

We know about Aqualad, his father is actually the villain Black Manta, though not even Aqualad knows this yet. But Artemis, when the Team had their memories erased by Psimon in the Bialyan desert. Artemis believed that they had been dropped into the desert by her father, and suggested that her father wanted her to kill Kid Flash. After their memories were restored, she dismissed this as being confused by a ninja movie she'd seen, about a ninja girl whose ninja father ordered her to kill her ninja boyfriend, who was from a rival ninja clan. Kid Flash pointed out that this would make him Artemis' "ninja boyfriend". So her father could be a supervillan. Maybe that is why Artemis, Batman and Green Arrow told a lie claiming Artemis is Green Arrow's neice as they know the truth. Paula Crock is Artemis mother confined to a wheelchair due to unknown causes.

In DC Comics Cheshire real name is Jade Nguyen, daughter of a French father and Vietnamese mother. Artemis is the third Tigress(Artemis Crock) daughter of the Golden Age villains Paula Brooks(Second Tigress) and Crusher Crock(Sportsmaster). So Artemis mother Paula Crock could be retired Tigress and her father be Sportsmaster. So she could be operative of The Light.

Or maybe Artemis is not a villian, and The Light presumably has some stealthy mental contol over Superboy that they can use, which they plant in when he was telepathically controlled and educated by three G-Gnomes that lived with him in his pod.

Comment what do you think..

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