Okay, a lot of you would probably hate my guts for this, but the Light has made an extremely stupid mistake. By now, they should know the identities of the whole, or almost the whole justice league, because they have Roy Harper. And though that whole shindig was revealed to us only three or four episodes ago, it kinda makes me wonder...did they ever test his DNA? And if so, did they make the rest of the connections to the JL, ultimately deducing Batman and Robin's identities? Because if you think about it, Oliver is a billionaire. Bruce is a billionaire, who Bruce has connections with, seeing as how they're both so rich. If the Light thought on the same page as Batman, they would be paranoid enough to analyze Roy's DNA. I'm also wondering...did Roy, the real one, ever age? And does the clone of Roy, whom I'm just going to name Red Arrow since he did choose the name, age, unlike Superboy?

If the Light has tested Roy's DNA, then why have they kept quiet about it? I'm really curious to know more about Cadmus now, especially if Roy comes back...

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