Young Justice - New Characters Opinions (Might Contain Spoilers)

Whats up everyone? My first Blog, so i will make it short.

I am just here to talk about the new Characters which will be introduced in upcoming episodes. So let's get started!

First of we have.



I like the studios approach on this one don't you. I mean it's nice they are using Characters which even comic fans might not be familiar with. But . . . i have bit issues.

It's obvious that Rocket will end up with Aqualad and that's sort of . . well . . racist . . and thats coming from a white guy. White girls dates white guy x Black guy dates black girl? I mean i understand why Tula left Kaldur due to the fact she is dating Garth in the comics also but . . . . . . . anyway. The dating part isn't confirmed so can't say much for now. Overall, a nice character and i am sure she will become a fan favorite too.

Next stop is . . . .

The Blue Beetle

What can i say. I wanted this guy to be in this show since the first episode. And turns out alot of people around the world did too. I already know i am going to place this guy on my 2nd or 3rd and i have every reason to.

I wasn't a fan of Brave and the Bold series but i even watched that due to fact that Blue Beetle was starring in it. If you don't know who Blue Beetle is, it doesn't even matter because he is not much of a complicated character and you will find him to be a VERY entertaining character.

Ok now we are setting for . . . .

Lagoon Boy

. . . I don't even know who this is. My apologize but i don't follow Aquaman comics much. But still, if you wanted another person from Aquaman's series then why not Garth. WHY NOT GARTH!! Garth the Tempest?

That would have been a great edition . . . But can't say that i will hate this character just yet. But for now . . . . Not the best choice in my opinion.

I will make opinion Blog on Donna Troy and others who are going to appear in the Hero team later.

Leave your opinions below and see you very soon :)

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