==Wondergirl in Young Justive Invasion== Everyone saw this coming but what people never expected was that it will be Cassie Sandsmark instead of Donna Troy. ===Who is Cassie Sandsmark?=== Here is a short explanation. She is Donna Troy's replacment in the comics after Donna Troy starts a normal life with her husband Terry. So Cassie takes her place, joins the Teen Titans & on and on . But later in the series she falls in love with Superboy and so does he. This is one of the most popular side kick couple in the Comics. ===The problem!=== The problem here is that. The two of them really like each other in the comics but in this Tv Series . . Superboy is already dating Miss Martian and love her to death. ===My thoughts . . . === I can only imagine three things that will happen in this show . . . . Good Ending: Nothing will happen and she won't fall in love with Superboy. Superboy will stay with Miss Martian and everyone is happy. Bad Ending: Superboy will leave Miss Martian due to some reason and will start going out with Cassie bringing poor M'gaan in tears. Very Bad Ending: Miss Martian will die and Cassie will console Superboy making both of them fall in love. Ufo Ending: (sorry bout that . . . . been playing silent hill lately). Now your turn to tell me what are your thoughts guys :)

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