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  • I live in Pakistan
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • 5dzAfi

    Guys going to make it quick.

    Ive been hearing a rumor around the Internet that Kid Flash and Artemis are going to get kicked out of the team!!

    TELL ME ITS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 5dzAfi

    Anyone thinks Cheshire will return with a bigger role in Season 2. She makes a Bad-Ass villain, you know . . . . . . . .

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  • 5dzAfi

    ==Wondergirl in Young Justive Invasion== Everyone saw this coming but what people never expected was that it will be Cassie Sandsmark instead of Donna Troy. ===Who is Cassie Sandsmark?=== Here is a short explanation. She is Donna Troy's replacment in the comics after Donna Troy starts a normal life with her husband Terry. So Cassie takes her place, joins the Teen Titans & on and on . But later in the series she falls in love with Superboy and so does he. This is one of the most popular side kick couple in the Comics. ===The problem!=== The problem here is that. The two of them really like each other in the comics but in this Tv Series . . Superboy is already dating Miss Martian and love her to death. ===My thoughts . . . === I can only imag…

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  • 5dzAfi

    Whats up everyone? My first Blog, so i will make it short.

    I am just here to talk about the new Characters which will be introduced in upcoming episodes. So let's get started!

    First of we have.


    I like the studios approach on this one don't you. I mean it's nice they are using Characters which even comic fans might not be familiar with. But . . . i have bit issues.

    It's obvious that Rocket will end up with Aqualad and that's sort of . . well . . racist . . and thats coming from a white guy. White girls dates white guy x Black guy dates black girl? I mean i understand why Tula left Kaldur due to the fact she is dating Garth in the comics also but . . . . . . . anyway. The dating part isn't confirmed so can't say much for now. Overall, a nice c…

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